Joining a Network

This section describes how to join an existing network that is already running, such as the one created in Getting Started.

Here’s a summary of the steps required to join an existing network built with the Monet Toolchain:

$ monetd keys new node1
$ monetd config pull [address]:[port] --key node1
$ monetcli poa nominate -h [address] -p [port] --from [node1 address] --pwd [password file for node1 key] --moniker node1 [node1 address]

# wait to be accepted in the whitelist, which can be checked with
$ monetcli poa whitelist
# or
$ monetcli poa nomineelist

$ monetd run

Where [address] and [port] correspond to the endpoint of an existing peer in the network.

This scenario is designed to be run on a machine other than the one that is running the existing node.

Create An Account

We need to generate a new key-pair for our account:

$ monetd keys new node1
Repeat passphrase:
Address: 0x5a735fC1235ce1E60eb5f9B9BCacb643a9Da27F4

Pull the Configuration From an Existing Node

We now pull the monetd configuration files from an existing peer. The syntax for this command is:

$ monetd config pull [peer] [--key] [--address]

The peer parameter is the address/IP of an existing node on the network. The network’s configuration is requested from this peer. If the address does not specify a port, the default API port (8080) is assumed.

We also need to specify the IP address of our own node. For a live network that would clearly be a public IP address, but for an exploratory testnet, we would recommend using an internal IP address. On Linux ifconfig will give you IP address information. This can be set by using the –address flag. If not specified monetd will pick the first non-loopback address.

The --key parameter specifies the keyfile to use by moniker.

Thus we need to run the following command, but replace with the endpoint of the existing peer.

$ monetd config pull --key node1

Apply to Join the Network

If we tried to run monetd at this stage, it would not be allowed to join the other node because it isn’t whitelisted yet. So we need to apply to the whitelist first.

We do so with the monetcli poa nominate command. The syntax is:

$ monetcli poa nominate -h <existing node> --from <moniker> --moniker <nominee moniker> --pwd <passphrase file> <nominee address>

But we can also do it interactively. On the existing instance (node0), run the following interactive ``monetcli`` session:

 monetcli i
 __  __                          _        ____   _       ___
|  \/  |   ___    _ __     ___  | |_     / ___| | |     |_ _|
| |\/| |  / _ \  | '_ \   / _ \ | __|   | |     | |      | |
| |  | | | (_) | | | | | |  __/ | |_    | |___  | |___   | |
|_|  |_|  \___/  |_| |_|  \___|  \__|    \____| |_____| |___|

Mode:        Interactive
Data Dir:    /home/user/.monet
Config File: /home/user/.monet/monetcli.toml
Keystore:    /home/user/.monet/keystore


 monetcli$ poa nominate
 ? From:  node0
 ? Passphrase:  [hidden]
 ? Nominee:  0x960c13654c477ac1d2d7f8fc7ae84d93a2225257
 ? Moniker:  node1

 You (0xa10aae5609643848ff1bceb76172652261db1d6c) nominated 'node1' (0x960c13654c477ac1d2d7f8fc7ae84d93a2225257)

 monetcli$ poa nomineelist
 | Moniker |                  Address                   | Up Votes | Down Votes |
 | Node1   | 0x960c13654c477ac1d2d7f8fc7ae84d93a2225257 |        0 |          0 |

Now that, we have applied to the whitelist (via node0), we need all the entities in the current whitelist to vote for us. At the moment, only node0 is in the whitelist, so let’s cast a vote.

monetcli$ poa whitelist
| Moniker |                  Address                   |
| Node0   | 0xa10aae5609643848ff1bceb76172652261db1d6c |

monetcli$ poa vote
? From:  node0
? Passphrase:  [hidden]
? Nominee:  0x960c13654c477ac1d2d7f8fc7ae84d93a2225257
? Verdict:  Yes
You (0xa10aae5609643848ff1bceb76172652261db1d6c) voted 'Yes' for '0x960c13654c477ac1d2d7f8fc7ae84d93a2225257'.
Election completed with the nominee being 'Accepted'.

monet$ poa whitelist
| Moniker |                  Address                   |
| Node0   | 0xa10aae5609643848ff1bceb76172652261db1d6c |
| Node1   | 0x960c13654c477ac1d2d7f8fc7ae84d93a2225257 |

Finaly node1 made it into the whitelist.

Starting the Node

To start node1, run the simple monetd run command. You should be able see the JoinRequest going through consensus, and being accepted by the PoA contract.

$ monetd run