What is the difference between MONET, MONET Hub, Monet Toolchain and monetd?

monetd is the daemon that runs a node on a blockchain. monetd is also a repository on Github. The repository also hosts giverny which implements advanced configuration options.

The Monet Toolchain consists of the monetd repository, plus additional software, noticeably monetcli. Together these repositories provide a complete suite of tools for running a blockchain. Whilst the Monet Toolchain was initially developed for the MONET Hub, it has been designed to be easily used by other projects.

The MONET Hub is a specific blockchain running on the Monet Toolchain software.

MONET is the whole ecosystem containing the MONET Hub, and mobile adhoc blockchains that use the MONET Hub to persist state.

Why Giverny?

Whilst the name MONET is derived from Mosaic Networks, Giverny was famously the home of Claude Monet and inspiration for many of his most renowned works.